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CELECARE Colostomy Bags One-Piece System Special Ostomy Bag, Cut to Fit (Max 20-65mm) 10pcs A001

CELECARE Colostomy Bags One-Piece System Special Ostomy Bag, Cut to Fit (Max 20-65mm) 10pcs A001

CELECARE Colostomy Bags One-Piece System Special Ostomy Bag, Cut to Fit (Max 20-65mm) 10pcs A001

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  • This ostomy supplies is colostomy bags one-piece products.
  • This colostomy supplies is cut-to-fit 20-65mm (3/4"-2 1/2") Flange.
  • The drainable pouches available for all ostomy patients and caregivers.
  • The ostomy products easy drainage and to securely lock out odor. The drainage pouch easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residue on the skin
  • Exhaust Method: If the excrement has not yet filled the ostomy bag, but the venting is already required. You need to poke a small hole in the top of the ostomy bag. When the venting is completed, you can use sealed sealing tape to block the vent.

Product Description

CELECARE Brand story

In the 1940s, a preacher went to a remote tribe and found that many people in the area had different diseases. Looking at the people in the disease, the pastor decided to stay, help the sick villages for free, and teach health knowledge for the local tribes.

One of the young people, Cele, felt the pastor's words and deeds. He silently remembered this sentence - The more you give, the luckier you will blessed.

Time passed, 10 years later, the patriarch intended to send the pastor some precious possessions to express his gratitude, but was rejected. The next day the pastor left, the patriarch found a letter from his residence: I just a messenger to spread happiness and health.

Cele follows the teachings of the pastor and brings more health and happiness to those in need.



  1. Wipe the stoma and its surrounding skin with warm water and dry, remove the sclerotic keratinised skin and stain, keep the skin around the stoma clean and dry.
  2. Measure the size of the stoma with the measuring card supplied. Do not touch the stoma with your fingers while measuring it.
  3. According to the measured size and shape of the stoma, cut a hole of an appropriate size on the film of the ostomy flange.The hole diameter is usually 2mm bigger than the stoma diameter
  4. Peel the protective release paper on the inside ring of the flange and stick aiming at the stoma(It is good to blow air into the bag before sticking, in order to prevent thin films from sticking to each other), and then strip the protective release paper on the outside ring, and carefully paste up from the middle towards the outside.
  5. In order to make stickup secure(especially in areas and seasons with low temperature), you should press the pasted part with your hands for several minutes, in turn, the hydrocolloid flange could increase viscosity with the rising temperature.
Folding Strip
Clip Closures
Activated Carbon √ (Filter odor) √ (Filter odor)
Outer Ring of Bonded Fabric √ (Strengthen fixation) √ (Strengthen fixation)

Instructions of a strapping tie

  • Fold the bag opening upwards.
  • Roll a strapping tie upwards for 3 to 4 circles.
  • Fold both sides of a strapping tie inward.

Lsolation paper with measuring size

  • Measure the stoma size with a stoma.
  • According to the size of the stoma you are measuring, cut a hole of the correct size on the ostomy film (or flange) , the diameter of the opening is generally Larger than the stoma diameter 1-2mm.
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